About us..

BlueCell ITALY was founded in spring of 2009, with the original business concept to provide a portfolio of technologies and infrastructure into the networking channel.

BlueCell ITALY established strategic relationships with key manufacturers and has over the last 15 years become one of the Value Added Distributors (VAD) across Europe & MENA.

Increasingly, products and services are distributed through a complex network of supply chain partners, joint ventures and intermediaries. Accordingly, We have built our business around knowledge and experience and our ‘B2B focus’ has given us insights and intelligence, from which your business can greatly benefit.

Consultancy service, simply helping the Italian manufacturers to the niche markets and especially where we are already operating and having our chain business ready to be supplied, we link companies, we follow up them, we lead them how to access, we shake hands with the smile.  

You are never a number with BlueCell ITALY; we know our customers by name and treat them with the highest possible respect, we do believe in this ethic to have a win-win solution, and we always welcome your interest.